Mary Parrott's

Multicoloured Parrot

Pattern courtesy Mary Parrot, previously published in

Ring of Tatters #29, Autumn 1994

Notes & Terminology

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Wing: R1: 2-2-3-2-3, C1: 2-2-4, R2: 6+2-3-2-6, C2: 4-4, R3: 8+2-4-2-8, C3: 4-4,

R4: 8+2-3-2-8, C4: 4-4, R5: 8+3-4-8, C5: 3-3-1-6, R6: 8+8, C6: 1-1-8,

R7: 5+(top joining R5 & R6)4+3-4, C7: 5, R8: 6+2+3+2-6, C8: 6,

R9: 8+2+4+2-8, C9: 7, R10: 6+2+3+2-6, C10: 6, R11: 3+2+3+2-2, Tie & cut.

Wing tip: Wind about 2 foot of thread on to 2 shuttles. Start with wrong side of work up. With shuttle 1, join to 3rd p of C5, C11: 10-1, rw. With shuttle 2, C12: lockstitch, 8. Join to 1st p of C6. Tie & cut.

Upper Tail: Cut about 6 foot of thread, winding 4 foot on shuttle 1 and 2 foot on shuttle 2. Start with wrong side of work up. With shuttle 1, join to 2nd p of C5. C13: 4-5-5, R12: 6+(to wing tip)2-2-4, C14: 2-2, R13: 4+4-4-5-5, C15: 6-2, R14: 3+4-5, C16: 6, rw, (with shuttle 2) lockstitch, 4+3+6. (With shuttle 1) R15: 3+3+2+(to wing tip)3, C17: 14. Pull up chain to give a straight line along uper edge of tail. Join to 2nd p of C6. Tie & Cut.

Lower body: Unwind about 3 foot from shuttle to use as ball thread. Start with wrong side of work up and join to 2nd p of C1. BC1: 2-4-2, BR1: 8+4-4, BC2: 8, BR2: 6+4+4-6, BC3: 8, BR3: 8+5+5-8, BC4: 8, BR4: 6+4+4-3, BC5: 4-2, BR5: 3+3+4, BC6: 2-3, join to next p of upper tail, tie & cut.

Throat: Start with right side up for both and join to 1st p of R1, R: 3-3-3-3, tie & cut. Join to 2nd p of BC1, C: 4, R: 3+3+3+3-1, tie & cut.

Head: Using 2 shuttles about 2 foot is needed on shuttle 2. Start with work wrong side up. With shuttle 1 join to base of R11. HC1: 4, HR1: 4+3+3-4, HC2: 6, HR2: 4+4-3-4, HC3: 8, HR3: 7+3-3-5, HC4: 6, HR4: 4+2-1-4-4, HC5: 5, lockstitch, rw, change to shuttle 2, 3+1, reverse p, 5. With shuttle 1, HR5: 5+2-2+(to p of HR3)3+3+3. With Shuttle 2, HC6: 4, join to last p of throat ring. Pull up to suit, tie & cut.

Eye: R 2+(to p of HR5)1+(to p of HR4)2, tie & cut.

Lower Tail: (all in split ring tatting) Join to p furthest back on upper tail, and work 8 split rings (SR) of 6/3-3, 2 SR of 6/6 tie and cut. Join to next p of upper tail, 1 SR of 6/3-3, 2 SR of 3+3/3-3, 5 SR of 3+3/6, C: of 4+(to next p). Tie & cut. Join to p where lower body joins upper tail, 1 SR of 6/6, 2 SR of 3+3/6, C: 4+(to next p).

Beak: Start with work wrong side up and join to p of HC5, C: 8, rw. Change shuttles, work lockstitch, C: 3, reverse p, 2. Join to reverse p of HC5, tie & cut. With wrong side up, join to previous reverse p, C: 7, join to base of HR5, tie & cut.

Perch: R: 5, join in second ball thread, work in pearl tatting, 6ds each side, p on top side, 1 ds on top, p on top. Work 6 more ds each side.
Legs: (two alike), work C: 6 from p on lower body to p on perch.

This pattern was graciously shared with us by Mary Parrott, England. Please copy only for your own use. If you have any questions please contact me.