James C. Groves'

"West Gate of the Narrows"

Image size is 15.33 inches by 23 inches, edition size is 600 Price is 60 dollars US. plus $10.00 shipping Priority Mail. Printed with the best fade-resistant inks on 80 pound cover-weight artstock. The actual image is flawless according to Groves' highest standards. Note: The image presented is in soft focus while the actual print is sharp and clear.

Description: Fine detail, marvelous color, and excellent realism! You can almost hear the 'chuffing', bells, and whistles as the smoking iron denizen of the past turns and slowly makes its way northwards after passing through the beautiful Western Maryland water gap, known as the "Narrows".

This remarkable reconstruction represents the gorgeous west side of the famous Narrows as it looked in the time period of 1915. The location is approximately 1 miles West of the city of Cumberland, Maryland. The gap is filled with the evening sunlight and colors of mid-July. The weather is warm and the wind is calm allowing the steam and smoke to rise according to the will and direction of the breathing mechanized monsters. A hazy and nearly full moon is visible to the right of "Lover's Leap" along the top of Will's Mountain. A wagon carrying a load of lumber from Locust Grove heads for the newly constructed girder bridge connection to old Route 40 across the creek. Rail traffic to Cumberland is heavy during this time period. To the distant right, an idling Western Maryland Railway period heavy steamer comes to life, clearing its "throat" with venting coal-smoke and steam as it awaits its final chug into Cumberland, which lies in the large valley just beyond the distant and obscuring Will's Mountain cliffs. Shown center stage in supreme glory and complete with passing train coupled to a "small" engine, is the memorable State Line Railroad Bridge, the Pennsylvania Railroad's only access to Cumberland.

The State Line Bridge, also known locally as the "Lionel Bridge", was first constructed sometime in the 1880's. It was altered to the iron girder condition-- shown in the view-- around 1900. Sadly, it was demolished about 1980; only its stone abutments exist today as reminders of what once spanned Will's creek and the Narrow's floor.

The Narrows was the primary entry/exit-way of several major RR's of the past. The B&O RR tracks can be seen just below the State Line Bridge on the left. In addition, the Western Maryland RR tracks (currently owned and operated by the Western Maryland Scenic RR ) cross the WMRR bridge on the far right. Also presented, the red brick and stone C&P Railroad bridge, built in 1845 and recently torn down in 1997-98, crossed over Will's Creek and provided service to many towns and communities located just west of Cumberland. Appearing above and to the right of the C&P bridge is a typical streetcar common to the connecting tracks between LaVale, Md., and Cumberland.

As evidenced by Groves' remarkable painting, the Narrows, a transportation route steeped in RR and automotive history, once presented one of the grandest and finest views, both from above and below it's summits.

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