Cat and Mouse Bookmark

Carolyn Groves 2005

This is the first draft of a cat and mouse bookmark. Worked with split rings and zigzag tatting.
R = ring
SR = split ring
- = picot
-- = long picot
cl = close

R of 1-4--1--5-4-5--1--4-1, cl.
SR of 1+18-3/1+18-3, cl.
Zigzag stitch for desired length. (Zigzag is done by working 5 first half of stitch then 5 of the second half of stitch. Repeating as needed).
SR of 8-2/8-2, cl.

Cut long picots of first ring and fray to create whiskers. Fray ends on last split ring to create whiskers of mouse.

This critter will probably be modified over time and I’m sure others will have a great time with it!