Building the Corner Bookmark

After the first motif is done start the second one and join the center clover ring to any corner of the first motif. Then join the 3rd ring of clover to the 2 ring join on the first motif.

The first ring of the second clover joins into the same center join as the previous ring. The 2nd ring joins to the corner. Now comes the fun part. The 3rd ring of the second clover must "turn the corner" to form the pocket. On the right is the 3rd ring before the join.

The picture to the left shows the last ring join of the second clover and the third clover. The picture on the right shows the Finished motif with 2 sides joined together.

Working the 2 motifs together can be a bit tricky. The work must be folded over to get to the join point. Just keep it flat and follow the progression of the work.