James C. Groves latest Civil War Landscapes

Western Maryland Gallery is pleased to introduce Mr. Groves' latest Civil War paintings, "The Sharpshooter's Shrine" and "The Desecration". Many will recognize the subject matter and position as the site of the 'presumed staged' sharpshooter recorded by Gardner and O'Sullivan in the Devil's Den shortly after the battle of July, 1863. We ask that you please carefully read the 50 page report written by the artist and included on this site before condemning these works for any errors you believe have been committed. [Images may be enlarged by right clicking and viewing/opening in new window.] Hit here for the summary report

"The Sharpshooter's Shrine" [compressed image]
The Devil's Den Sharpshooter at Dawn, July 3, 1863

"The Shrine" [as seen in closer detail]

"The Desecration of the Shrine"
A Caseshot from LRT explodes just before the wall

Click here for Summary report

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